Head: Head Of The Shannon

Venue: Carrick-on-Shannon
Status: Non Status
Event Date: 04/12/2021, Closing: 19:00 @ 24/11/2021

Observer: Noel Hume Colaiste Iognaid RC, ,
Secretary: Mark Butler, 086 8377868, Carrickrc@gmail.com
Cheques payable: Carrick Rowing Club
Send to: Quay Road, Carrick on Shannon



Events Draw

Event NameDraw PositionCrew nameActions
Mens J18A 1X, Fixed , 14.00 , 15.00 1 Col Iognaid, Lydon, J View
2 Commercial, Candon, D View
3 Col Iognaid, McKenna, R View
4 CGS, Bryce, F View
5 Galway, Cawley, A View
6 Loughros, Macsuibhne, C View
7 Loughros, Oboyle, M View
8 Sligo, O'Hara Nolan, R View
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